Tuesday, August 11, 2015

College Dorm Room Shopping!

Yes, this really happened!

Can't believe the time is upon us to get our daughter prepared for dorm living, but it is, and I am SO EXCITED for her.  At times, I am more excited than she is. ;)

We went to about three different stores, but spent the bulk of our time at our trusty neighborhood Target.

I had researched.  I had a list!

Daughter G felt slightly overwhelmed by my list.

I put my list away and began gently suggesting things on it (because I had it memorized! haha)

We survived the shopping trip and had tons of fun being together.  We talked a lot about what college life might be like.  She already knows her schedule, so she thought out loud about when during the day she would be able eat meals, when she could make it to the dining hall, and when she would need to take her own food and eat on the fly.  We talked about her room-mate assignment (she let the university match her with someone) and in fact she and her room-mate texted back and forth quite a bit while we were in Target.  They decided they don't want matchy-matchy, but coordinating colors, so daughter G felt free picking out the comforter, sheets, and towels that she really liked.  It was so interesting to see her choices.

Such a joy to have a front row seat as she transitions from childhood to adulthood.  I know that move in day will be hard for me, because I am going to miss seeing this beautiful girl-woman every day, but I am choosing to focus on how much we know this college is God's plan for her, and how thankful we are to have had the privilege of raising her, and how much we know God loves her even more than we do.

I am thankful to be this girl-woman's mom.

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