Monday, August 17, 2015


This summer is one of transitions.

We are transitioning as a family to having one less in our daily homeschool.

Our oldest is transitioning to college.

My husband and I are transitioning to being parents of a young adult.

Very soon we will transition to having only one daughter in the house instead of two.

Lots of changes.

In my quiet moments I have been reflecting on these changes, and finding strength in the Lord to face them.  Almost no change is instantaneous.  Like a road trip whose destination is known but whose journey is not, they are gradual shifts, with pitfalls and emotional peaks along the way.  They are at the same time bitter and sweet.  I am so excited for daughter G to go to college, but I am going to miss her so much.  I am thankful the Lord has allowed us to finish the home school journey with her, but will miss planning out her school years.  I am grateful for the years we have been allowed to parent and disciple her on the road to adulthood, but I can't quite believe our years of active parenting (of her) are coming to an end.  She is going to have a full, rich life at college.  That is good.  But it is going to be so strange to not have her here at home, and in my humanness the anticipation of her absence doesn't feel good.

When I was growing up, my mother would often tell me and my sisters that feelings should be the caboose of our life, and faith should be the engine.  Feelings are very real, but they are not necessarily true indicators of reality.  How much better to base my life, by faith, on the God who is real and on what His Word declares to be true.  I am God's child and precious to Him, whether I feel like it or not. He is sovereign and the one in charge, whether I want Him to be or not.  He does love each of my children more than I do and is working for their good, whether it seems like it or not.

Throughout my life I have had many opportunities to exercise my faith muscle, and sad to say, I have not always done so.  At times my emotions have gotten the best of me.  But here I am, with more opportunities to trust.  To live by faith.  And I want to!  I find the cry of my heart to be, "Lord, I trust You.  Help me to trust You more!"

He is faithful.

He is loving.

He is good.

These are realities.  My feelings will change.  We will get through these transitions and life will go on, with new challenges and new emotions.  But the reality of who God is, the truth of His Word, and how He interacts with me....these will never change!  Thank you, God.

"....the Word of the Lord endures forever."   I Peter 1:25

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votemom said...

i love the caboose analogy - totally gonna use that in the future. you are going to well in this transition becuz you are leaning and trusting. only good can come of that!!!!! i'm excited for g... but def praying for you as you navigate the new normal at home.