Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sugar Update

I am on day16 of 48 days of no sugar.  I *have* had sugar cravings, but they are not overwhelming, especially if I am intentional about getting lots of protein and making sure that most of my carbs are of the complex, high fiber kind.  I have no afternoon "slumps" and have also, serendipitiously, lost ten pounds!!  Yippee!

I have cut out Snapple, sugary cereals, cookies, ice cream, syrup (on pancakes), and sugar in my tea.

I have added eggs for breakfast virtually every day, loads of snacking on raw veggies (my favorite is sugar snap peas), homemade sugar-free chocolate for my sweet tooth cravings, and lots and lots of water.  (I drank water before, but now it is almost all I ever drink)

So far, so good!  Lord, help me to stay the course!

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Lona said...

Wow! Proud of you, Pam! I probably should do the same, but am afraid of life without sugar in my coffee...