Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a fun and wonderful celebration of my birthday over the weekend.  It started with me getting to pick the Friday night movie.  I picked "Return to Me," which is a heart-wrenching, sweet, funny love story about a man whose first wife died in an accident, falling in love with the woman who had received his wife's heart.  The new girlfriend's grandpa and his old cronie friends bring comic relief to the movie, and another married friend with 5 children brings friendship perspective, healthy married love, and a fair bit of swearing to the movie.  It brought up some great topics for conversation.

Then on Saturday my beloved took me out for dinner while all of our children were otherwise occupied away from the house.  A wonderful date!

And on Sunday our college girl came home for the afternoon to celebrate with me!  My hubby spend the entire afternoon cooking a fabulous birthday dinner, and then we all went to the cheap theater to see the animated movie, "Sing," which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I broke my sugar fast for a small piece of cake and one scoop of ice cream.  Back to it today!

Senior discounts, here I come!!! :)

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Debbie Myer said...

Dearest, wonderful,beautiful Sis ~
Emerging from Japan jetlag, i just got caught up on your blog. (I have been either sick, traveling, or both, for the past month.) I'm sorry i missed your birthday. You are a loving and lovely light in my life. You make my world burst with color! And you have always lavished time and heart on me. What can I say but Thank You to God, for the blessing of knowing you as my sister!!!
Love your photos here. And all your updating (per 2/20 and onward). This blog is one of my mainstays. And i had missed it!!
Love you so, so, SO much!
With prayers, and joy,