Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Combined Piano/Guitar Recital!

Last night was a combined music recital of three different teachers/studios ~ including piano students, guitar students, and one drum student!  It was amazing.  So special to see and hear our boys playing together in praise to our great God.  Several of the other students were friends from church, and the group songs they played were all worship songs, so in a way it felt like a praise and worship service!

Son L on left.

Son L on left again, along with two other boys he goes to youth group with.  It is possible these boys could all be playing in the youth group worship band together!

Son C doing his piano solo "It's a Wonderful World."

Son G on the right.  Listening to all three of my boys play one of the worship songs together (son C was on the keyboard, hiding behind a music stand!) was such a blessing and brought tears to my eyes.

Son L singing!

Sons G and L with their wonderful and funny guitar teacher.

And son C with his amazing and talented piano teacher.

We are so blessed to have such committed and godly music teachers for our children, who teach with excellence.  Thank you, God, for the incredible gift of music!

(for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload the video I took of one of the songs, perhaps because the file is too big.  I promise my parents I'll figure out a way to share it with them!)

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