Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Son C!!

Can't believe our sweet son C is now TEN!  What a joy and a sweetness he has added to our lives these past ten years.  Like his older brother L, he chose a pancake bar for breakfast.

Isn't this a classic "boy with friend" picture?  Sucking on candy, focused on the game.... too funny.  They *did* play outside for a long time before starting this activity, and it was a really hot day so I encouraged some inside time!

Zap zone (laser tag) gift card from his friend!

The obligatory new clothes from mom and dad.

His very own trowel and gardening book from his WA grandparents!

No explanation required. ;-)

Daughter G chose this day to give a joint birthday gift to all her brothers ~ a Lego Star Wars Wii game.

Double digits in our family means dinner out to a restaurant of the birthday person's choice ~ son C chose Bob Evans!

Then we went putt putt golfing as a family.  Super hot, but really fun.

 Son C with his buddy N.

So thankful for fun family times.  So thankful for son C!

(if you are a regular blog reader you will notice the absence of a picture laden "trip down memory lane" post about son C from birth to now.... this would be because his baby book was never finished and I have to search through boxes of old photos to find his baby pictures.... the bane of fourth born children!)

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