Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Our sweet friend H with her cool purple cast!

Math pages in the summer are *always* more fun with blocks (of course, the blocks had nothing to do with the actual math on the page.....)

Home-made pizzas!
Movie time ~ the dog cuddles right in when she knows there's going to be a movie!

 Out for breakfast ~ just son C and me!  We had a wonderful time together.

 Daughter G had lots of faces to practice painting on for a face painting job she did this week.


My young friend L helped me get the front flowerbed planted!

 My older kids made up some kind of baseball/soccer combo game in the backyard. 

We had the opportunity as a family to go to a small local festival this week.   Our family does not often spend much time in the "midway" (ride) area of a festival, but this time we spent most of our time there and the children got to go on lots of rides.  It was fun!  The ferris wheel is something we ALL enjoyed!

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Teacher/Mom said...

Looks like a fun time so far on break. Except the rides. The older I get, the less comfortable I am with the carnival rides that move all over. I prefer amusement park rides that are permanent. I guess that makes me an old fuddy-dud. Blessings.