Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Using my summer wisely

We have been out of school for nearly three full weeks, but in many ways I feel like my own summer break has barely (or not quite) started.  The end of June is just a few days away and I have not accomplished a single one of my summer goals.  I feel pulled in several directions at once, somewhat discombobulated and not sure where to start.  In pondering what to do first, I realized I needed to get back to the basics of what I know, and prioritize the most important things, literally list them out in order of importance.  Here is my personal list of what's most important to me this summer:

1.  Have a daily quiet time with God.

2.  Nurture my marriage ~ have some kind of date time with my husband once a week, and pray for my husband every day.

3.  Read books outloud to my kids every day.

4.  Interact with my children on a regular basis ~ bike rides, gardening, Wii games, board games, etc.  Make memories of doing things together this summer, and have fun with them!

5.  Have a one on one date with each of my children (one down, four to go).

6.  Run.

7.  Do a little each week to get ready for this coming school year, starting with a new chore chart which I will make this week.

8.  Paint my kitchen.

9.  Paint the bedroom that sons L and C share.

10.  Play more praise music.

11.  Don't let my front flowers die because I am so busy doing #1 - 10!  (I am a fairly decent gardener, but I frequently forget to water the hanging baskets!)

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