Friday, November 2, 2012

A Couple of New Recipes

After about 5 months I finally updated my cooking blog with these two delicious entrees.  Both are from The Pioneer Woman's cooking blog, which if you have never checked out, you must!  Complete directions and links to her gorgeous-er pictures (yes, that is a word I just made up!) are on my cooking blog.

Chicken Florentine Pasta

Supreme Pizza Burgers


Teacher/Mom said...

Love these! Avid reader of her blog. I even got my cookbook signed several years ago. Our favorite was the burgers. Of course, I'm on Weight Watchers now and they would contain all the points I have for the entire day! Blessings.

Pam said...

I know! Those burgers are definitely not kind to dieters.... but oh so good!

Pam said...

chicken florentine pasta on the other hand.... pretty kind to dieters! And also very good!