Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We are utilizing a somewhat eclectic approach to literature this year.  Daughter G, a 10th grader, is not taking a formal literature class in order to focus more on writing.  She is, however, reading 19th century literature at home, to go along with the same time period as our history studies.  She and I are both working our way through Les Mis right now, with an eye to the new movie due out next month! 

My bookmark is the purple one and hers is the pink one.  I work hard to try and pass her, and she works hard to make sure I don't.  :0)  My hubby is listening to the audio book of Les Mis while he drives to work, so that when all three of us are finished reading/listening we can have a fabulous discussion of it!  Hope that discussion actually materializes.... and that it materializes before we go see the movie.

Son G, an 8th grader, is taking an online literature class this year.  After experimenting on child #1, I realized that an introduction to literary terms and the experience of being accountable to someone other than mom were both good things to have prior to starting high school.  So this is the year for child #2.  He is currently reading The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald, and enjoying it a lot more than he thought he would!  In class they are discussing the plot of this story, and delving deeply into an analysis of each major character.

Son L is reading solely for pleasure right now.  He is on book 5 of the Redwall series, and is completely enthralled with it!  My regular readers will know that he has had a rough start to 7th grade, and is having to work very hard in a few other academic subjects.  So I am thankful that literature for him can be purely pleasure reading right now, without the expectation of having to be prepared for a class.

Son C is reading books that correlate with our history studies, and recently finished the complete, unabridged version of The Swiss Family Robinson!  This book even looks old, doesn't it?!

He loved it and I was so proud of him for soldiering through the somewhat awkward manner of speaking.  When he was done, I had him do a simple "beginning, middle, end of the story" assignment just to solidify the flow of the plot.  He drew pictures down one side of the paper, and wrote a description beside each picture of what was happening.

Little Man's literature is still me reading stories to him.  I try to read every day, but must confess that is a challenge.  If I have an extended reading time with him three times a week I feel very successful.  Okay, make that two times.

In addition, my husband is reading The Book of the King (Book 1 of The Wormling series) outloud to all of us, and though it is our goal to read at least 5 nights a week, in reality it happens about two or three times. 

See what I mean?  Eclectic!


emma said...

i wish i had more drive to read older-language books. i am super excited for les mis!

Simply Me said...

I was curious as to what online literature class and company you are using? My oldest will be in 8th grade next yeat and I would like to have him get that exposure as well.

Pam said...

Simply Me: we are using Lampstand Learning Center, the virtual classroom arm of Tapestry of Grace. The literature assignments dovetail nicely with our Tapestry history studies, so since we are using Year 3 in history, our son is in the Year 3 Lit class. If you go to Tapestry's website, there is a link to the LLC.

If we were not using LLC, one I would definitely check out would be Adam Andrew's lit classes at center for lit. Here's a link: