Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk 'n Treat, and other Halloween-ish Activities

For the first time this year, our church hosted a trunk 'n treat event.  Different church families hosted "trunks", gave away candy, and interacted with over 200 newcomers from our community!  (as well as lots of church folk, like us)  Our three older children all helped host trunks as part of their small groups, while son C and Little Man attended as.... Yoda (this was before I had time to sew his cloak, so the fabric is artfully arranged around his shoulders....),

....and as Lego Man!  Daughter G made this costume for son C last year, but um..... he wasn't able to wear it due to it being spray painted just the day before, so when he put on the helmet he passed out from the fumes.  Yes, bad mommy moment.  It was a little smaller this year, but still worked!

Some of the trunks.... a pirate theme.


Under the sea....

 Cowboy... (or farmer/rancher, not sure which!)

Hippo princesses!  Who doesn't love hippo princesses? ;)

Another under the sea....


and many, many more.  It was a bitterly cold and windy afternoon, so doubly notable that so many people from the community came out.  Very fun!

Back at home, we had our annual pumpkin carving time.

And here are the boys all ready to go out on the hunt.  Lego Man, of course.  And Yoda again (this time with a sewn cloak!).  Son G went as Hawkeye (from the Avengers) and son L went as Green Arrow.  They put their costumes together completely on their own.  Don't you think son L looks rather menacing?

For the first time ever, daughter G chose not to go out, but to stay in and read while passing out candy!  I think she made the right call ~ again, it was super cold!  She *did* dress up as a soccer referee though.  She really had to think hard for that costume. ;)  We had a large number of kids come by, and I noticed a much smaller number of "scary" costumes this year.  I hope that is a new trend!

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