Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

The Lord brought our family a whole new family of friends this summer, and the oldest girl had a birthday this past week! She and her mom first had a date together to a pottery shop ~ they painted mugs which we get to bring home in a couple weeks after they're fired in the kiln. They looked amazing. It was a special time for the birthday girl to spend with her mom. After that we swam and played at our house for a while, and then we partied!

She blew out all her candles in a single breath ~ wishes do come true! ;-)

Bendy bracelets from her sister.

Justin Bieber CD from her mom. Happy girl!

Birthday girl with her mom. Aren't they cute in matching shirts? :-)

Her youngest sister, age 5, is already reading! She does a great job!

Happy sisters.

Birthday girl and me.

Sisterly love!


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