Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She's Home! She's Home!

Daughter G is home from her fabulous trip to WA!!! She looked so much older and grown up when she walked off that plane.... I couldn't believe it was her! She had a WONDERFUL time, made some incredible memories, and brought a box full of goodies to all of us. :0)

Today she is still sleeping as I type this, but when she wakes up she'll have a bit of schoolwork to do, an open house for one of her on-line classes, and then tomorrow is our official first day of school. Bless her heart, she's got to hit the ground running so to speak.

Thank you, mom and dad, and Gayle and family, for giving her such an incredible time while she was with you. I did not worry about her AT ALL (truly ~ I did much better than I thought I was going to do!) because I knew she was with you having a great time. Thank you!

I'm so glad she's home!!!


Targetshopper: said...

So glad she is home and had a wonderful time while away!

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