Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Graduation

Before our daughter jetted off to WA, we finally had our FLIC co-op (Families Learning In Christ) end of the year get together, at which time we also celebrated Little Man completing kindergarten, and daughter G and our friend N completing eighth grade. Yes, it took us all summer to find a date that worked for all three families! (imagine how hard it would have been if our co-op had been bigger?)

Little Man is my last baby to graduate from kindergarten. Throughout the year as I would think about him being my last to have at this age, I would sometimes feel sad. But now that first grade is about to start, and I have the gift of hindsight, I am just really grateful that God has allowed me to take all five of our children through kindergarten at home, and I look forward to the next year with him! Not sad at all anymore, but thankful to have reached this milestone. Little Man received a graduation certificate and a big balloon.

Then we moved on to the eighth graders. The moms/teachers shared.

The dads/principals gave a charge as these two begin their high school years. (pictures in back of G and N throughout the last two years of co-op)

G received a graduation certificate and a bouquet of flowers.

N with his parents.

And the third family in our co-op, who will be moving on to another co-op this fall. How we have loved learning with them the last two years!

This family is moving on, and N is transitioning to public high school, so there are changes for all of us.

Lord, please help each of us as we adjust to the changes You have planned for us. Help us to be grateful for what is past, and to embrace what is ahead. Thank you that YOU are unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever!


Angela said...

Congratulations to all the kids that are moving on to new horizons!

Targetshopper: said...


The pic with LittleMan is adorable! Congratulations!!

I love love love the pic of B giving the charge to G! Also, great pic of you, B, and G with her flowers! She really is growing up and so beautiful!