Monday, August 22, 2011

Progress in the Schoolroom!

This past week has been one of great progress in our schoolroom. Still not done and ready to be used, but it's farther along than it's ever been! :0)

An electrician friend from church came over one evening and helped my hubby do the initial wiring so that we could then work on the drywall. I got to pick out where I wanted all the outlets, and I wanted LOTS of them. You can never have too many outlets. We just "happened" to have an extra unused circuit in our breaker box that is now dedicated to the schoolroom. Thank you, Lord.

See the wiring running through the frame?? So exciting....

Then it was time for the insulation to go in.

Some more friends came over to help with the drywall. The two dads put the older boys to work, teaching them how to measure and cut out the rectangles for where the outlets would be. It was really neat to see the boys working alongside their dads!

Adding a couple wooden supports to screw the drywall in to (son C).

Holding up the first big sheet of drywall!

Making sure it fit snugly around the outlets.

Screwing it into place....

Little Man even helped!

We have wall!!!!

The drywall is almost completely done. Still a little bit to go. Then we mud and tape the seams, sand, and finally paint. And vacuum up the dust. And arrange furniture and organize books and papers and notebooks and STUFF. And then, we finally get to USE it. :-)

I have given myself permission not to start "everything" until the schoolroom is finished. It's simply too overwhelming and stressful to think about trying to organize our work in the construction mess. We are starting this Wed with history, but that is all. And we can read history books in the family room. So, it's all good.

It's really starting to look like a "real" room, and I am grateful to my husband for all his hard work, and to our friends for their willingness to help. Can't wait til it's done!


votemom said...

have you chosen a paint color yet? how goes the painting in the family room/kitchen? i know that is a big job.

Pam said...

Most of it will be red, to match the part that was already done. But lots of the red will be covered up with bookcase, and with whiteboard. I was worried for awhile because Kim B says that color study shows red is not a calming color. But I really wanted it to match the wall behind the black bookcase that was already there, and I don't want to have to repaint THAT, so I'm going for it anyway! Maybe the red will help everyone to work hard and fast. :-)

Some lovely paint fairies are going to paint my family room (as soon as we can schedule it) and the kitchen will have to wait until a weekend after fall soccer season, probably late Oct. I am fine with that!

lazy susie said...

No lack of helpers at your house! (I have heard that red is good for a dining room because it stimulates discussion. Should work for school too!)

Targetshopper: said...

Exciting to see it all coming together and I'm sure the excitement is helping all of you anticipate the new school year too! I think organizing it all would be my favorite part!

Leslie said...

Looks like a neat project! I know you are excited about getting it finished! I look forward to seeing it!

Angela said...

looks terrific! it is going to be so wonderful when it is done!!