Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paint Samples

For daughter G's benefit, who is still away on her fabulous trip to WA, here are the paint samples I put on our family room wall. G, I much prefer the one on the right, in fact I think that is the one! So I hope you like it too!

It looks orange-y in this next pic, it's true color is more like the tone above, but here is the fabric I am trying to match. This is my curtain fabric from my living room/dining room. Our downstairs is so open, my goal is to coordinate three different colors from this fabric.

Here is one of the tans/browns I am considering for our kitchen. I am not crazy about this one, and will be painting on at least two more samples soon. Whatever color I pick for the kitchen will eventually also get painted in our entryway, up our curved staircase walls, and along the upstairs hall, so we need to love it.

What do you think?


Majid Ali said...

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Teacher/Mom said...

I'm assuming you mean the right as we're looking at it. That is the same color as our kitchen - so I'll vote for that. Looks awesome!