Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ongoing Endeavor to Get Organized.....

Does anyone else struggle with this? Actually, you don't have to answer because I know that you do! Getting and staying organized seems never ending, because just when I finish organizing all my children's bedrooms, the season changes and it's time to go through clothes again, or Little Man has outgrown the preschool activities and it's time to sort and give away, or my paper pile managed to grow back and it's time to file and toss. I know this is something you can all relate to.

This problem seems worse for homeschoolers because there is so much more to organize. **Sigh**

I am slowly making progress in several areas of our home and life. Even though the schoolroom is not completely finished, I am *loving* using it. We start each day together in this room with Bible, and the younger three do the bulk of their work here. My vision, now three years old, of how I wanted it to work for us, is finally beginning to take shape. With some changes of course, because so much time has passed since the vision first formed in my brain! haha! Soooo very thankful for this room!

With an entire wall of bookcases now, I organized all our Tapestry of Grace books according to Year (there are 4 complete years here!) and further organized by unit (4 units per year). I am able to bless some friends by being their history lending library, so to aid them I put these color coded signs on the bookcase to show where a particular Year plan starts (you're welcome, Sally and Lisa!).

Right above my teacher desk I put this strip of velcro directly on the bookcase. To this I can stick all the little squares that go on my boys' assignment charts each day, so it is easy to change them out depending on what day I am preparing for.

It is a work in progress, but it's progressing!

In other news, I cleaned out my bedroom closet this week and filled two large bags to take to the thrift store. And that was just from stuff on the floor! (yes, seriously) Have to go through all the hanging clothes next.

How do you stay on top of the shifting organizational needs of your family?


votemom said...

i am super excited for you having your designated school room now!!!!

Greg said...

The schoolroom is absolutely beautiful! I love it, and it's fun to imagine you guys in there. You are doing a great job with your organizing. Maybe when the kids are grown, you can go into business! I don't have any great way of dealing with it is to just not have very much :-)

Beth in Texas said...

I would love to know how people clear out kids toys. We have certain children who love to hold onto their things even though they don't play with them very much so I can't go through them when they are home and we are always home together. ;-) Any ideas?

Pam said...

Beth, your hubby needs to take all the kids out for 3-4 hours, somewhere fun, while you stay home and sort/toss toys. You need to designate this time JUST for that, or it won't happen. Ask me how I know. ;-)

Beth in Texas said...

I need WAY more time than that! But it would be a good start! I have thought about sneaking some stuff out of the room (in boxes) when they are outside and going through them when they are asleep. I can hide boxes here - amongst the ones that haven't gotten unpacked yet. ;-) My only problem is that I am not always motivated at night, when I finally have some quiet.