Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Thankful Things

Today I am:

Thankful for a new bottom sheet on my bed! My favorite sheet wore through down by my feet. Yes, it's so often the small things.

Thankful that my husband surprised me with an unlimited texting plan so I can stop counting the texts I send and receive!

Grateful that our daughter is so self-motivated with her schoolwork. Absolutely zero battles there.

So thankful for the incredible warm and sunny weather we had for several days! It feels more like fall now, but boy did we have a fantastic Indian summer!

Happy that soccer season is almost over.

Deeply grateful for good friends.

Soaking in the joy that Little Man gives me when he wants to hold my hand.

Shocked beyond words when we received a large anonymous check that covers the cost of our recent van repair!! (I don't know how they knew the exact amount unless they read it here.... if the giver is reading this, THANK YOU!)

Humbled and thankful for the prayers of others.

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