Monday, October 3, 2011

We Have Schoolroom!!!!

It is not done. But it's usable! Oh happy day!

We worked hard all weekend to get the room ready. Last week I painted the wall red so it would be ready for the bookcase. All the boys helped put it together. And they really did help!

While the boys worked on the bookcase, daughter G painted the back of the built in bookcase red. I will later paint the side walls black so that it matches the other bookcases.

Anchoring it to the wall.

The moving of books and organizing our stuff was something only I could do. Though I have more to do, I did get a lot accomplished over the weekend. And it's wonderful to be able to access all of our books again! I found two books we can use this very week as we are studying the Mongols and Marco Polo.

Here is the school table, no longer covered with tools but covered with math books instead!

And here is MY desk.... usable space once again!

This shows the length of the schoolroom, with the new bookcase and my desk at the far back.

The couch is still covered with stuff.... but it will all find a home eventually!

So, so thankful to have an organized space in which to work again!


votemom said...

yay i am so excited for you!!!!!!!!
and i know it is fun when your kids actually are old enough to really make a contribution and not just gum up the works!!

Mary said...

Yay!! I love the cubbie shelving!!

lazy susie said...

All those shelves are SO beautiful! I'm so excited for you!

emma said...

woo hoo it looks so good!!! so glad you have a special space just for school!

Teacher/Mom said...

Doing the happy dance with you! It looks beautiful and so very useful. Enjoy!

Targetshopper: said...

It looks so good!!!! So cool that it was a family project and the kids could really help! I LOVE the picture of them sticking through the bookcase! Perfect! I love the red and black too!

Leslie said...

Looks awesome!!! Enjoy!