Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to School

Well, our first week back to school was kinda rough. But we did it. And made it through. We only did a few subjects, yet they took us well into the evening to finish every day. Could be starting at 10 or 11 had something to do with it.... ;-)

During Christmas break we shoved our school table up against the bookcase, and turned my desk into tool central to once again try and completely finish the schoolroom makeover. The room was unusable this past week, which helped make the week a little more frustrating. We are working rather frantically today to try and finish the last sanding so that I can paint the other three walls this evening. That is the goal anyway. Once the paint dries we can hang a shelf, move the couch to its new home under the stairs, and then the fun part. ORGANIZING! :0)

Putting the Christmas decorations away, grocery shopping, and preparing for school next week round out this day. As well as watching wild card football tonight!! I am so looking forward to that. Seriously! I may have to try and paint during commercials. ;-)

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