Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New School Room - JOY!

Nothing quite warms the cockles of a homeschooling mom's heart than an organized space in which to learn. Especially when that organized space has been more than two years in the making! After a marathon re-arranging, desk building, re-organizing session all day Wed and late into the night, our "new" school room was finally ready for use today. We were all practically giddy with excitement! (and my late night was totally worth it!!)

This is the area under the stairs where the couch did not quite fit. Now it is the desk area for two of our boys. Way back on the left, behind Little Man, is what we call "the cave." It is a perfect little hidey hole under the stairs, and will get used now that the couch is not blocking off that little space. Our daughter also sits at this desk when she is downstairs. She does the majority of her work up in her bedroom.

My own desk is slightly in front of the younger boys' desk.

And look! Watching a math lesson on dvd. Do you know what that means????? Working outlets where there did not used to be working outlets!!!!!

Directly in front of my desk is the desk for the two older boys, and behind them the offending couch. ;-)

I actually think this plan will work even better than the one I had in my brain for so many years. The couch marks a distinct line between "school room" and "toy room", and our desks are closer together rather than strung out in a long line. We got SO MUCH done today ~ it was an awesome school day, and we have not had one of those in a while (at least from my perspective). The boys love, love, love their desks. Their work space is much bigger than it was when we were all at one table.

There are a couple minor things still to be done, but they are aesthetic and do not affect the functionality at all. We are DONE moving furniture away from the walls and covering my desk with tools! So, so happy. Thank you, Lord.


votemom said...

i'm so thankful you got this finished before the weekend!

Teacher/Mom said...

This looks awesome! I love the color. I pray God would bless this new space, and that you would all learn much in it. Blessings.

emma said...

yay!!! it looks so good! love the paint ;)

Lona said...

Rejoicing with you! It's beautiful!

Claire said...

I love it! You guys did a great job. Enjoy!

Targetshopper: said...

It looks GREAT! Very inviting and inspiring and so organized! Yay!