Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Week In Review

It was SUCH a delight to do school in our new school room this week! I am one happy, happy, happy, HAPPY, HAPPY homeschool mama. We schooled for nine years in our kitchen, and I know many families do not have the option of a dedicated school room, so I am extremely grateful to now have a place and a space that only has to be devoted to school and not other functions as well. I finally have a space that "fits" the way I like to teach. I am so very thankful!

In Bible we have been learning about the attributes of God for the last few weeks. I vividly remember being taught about the attributes of God when I was in middle school Sunday school. I was blown away back then, and I was blown away now! What an awesome, matchless, completely unique, powerful, and amazing God we serve. How can we have any other response to who God is than worship? I am so grateful for the privilege of showing my children, from Scripture, who God is. Once we had covered the attributes individually, the four older children all used their Bibles to look up various verses and match the verses with an attribute. Such a joy to see our children all searching God's Word together!

Here is Little Man's "cave" under the stairs. He has been enjoying it all week!

And here is a shot of daughter G also sitting in the new school room. She has an appointment with an eye Dr coming up, but in the meantime I got her a cheap pair of reading glasses, as she was constantly borrowing mine!

We spent this past week learning about Elizabethan England. Yes, we started our school year learning about the fall of Rome at about 400 A.D., and we are already to the late 1600's! So much happened between 1400 and 1700. I am constantly astounded as I continue learning history for myself. In recent weeks we have studied the Reformation and the counter Reformation in some detail, as well as learned about the noble lines of European monarchs, and King Henry VIII's split with the Catholic Church. Son C and Little Man colored these maps showing what parts of Europe were Catholic, what parts were Protestant, what parts were the Church of England, and what parts were specifically Lutheran. We had a good conversation about it as they colored.

One of Little Man's activities this week was finding hidden objects on this page from a history picture book (which I can actually find and get to now that the school room is completed!!)

We read many, many good books. Here are some of them:

Our absolute favorite was this one, called The Queen's Progress. It's an alphabet book that chronicles Queen Elizabeth's habit of an annual "progress" through the English country every summer, through informative text and absolutely gorgeous pictures. Even our high schooler loved it!


Lona said...

Rejoicing with you! I love to read about what you're learning.

Beth in Texas said...

I'd love to know the title of the hidden picture history book! I'm so happy you have your school room all set up because now you're back to blogging like I like. a;-)

Pam said...

Beth, the one pictured on my blog is called 1001 Things to Spot Long Ago, by Usborne. I have another one he's using this week called The Great History Search, also by Usborne.

Joelle A. said...

Just discovered your blog. It is very inspiring. I am TOG user as well and your newest follower.