Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Piano Recital

Okay, it wasn't really a recital. I think our piano teacher called it a "Christmas studio party" or something like that. But it was like a recital! It was an opportunity for some of her students to play in front of their peers before the big spring recital when they will be playing in front of everyone's families. :-)

Our son C adores the piano, and he adores his piano teacher. She is really gifted at what she does, and it blesses me no end to see how son C is progressing. He has not even been playing for one year yet, but he is doing well playing with both hands together, and is now learning some trickier rhythms. What is even better is that his love for playing has not dimmed at all over these several months, if anything it has only grown! Here is his teacher with some of her students (son C on far right in red shirt).

Thank you for your diligent and patient instruction Miss Emma!


Teacher/Mom said...

Very nice, C! You got a resounding round of applause from our music loving family! It is a blessing to hear you praise the LORD with music.

emma said...

yay!!! C did awesome!