Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Week In Review

For extra credit in her Spanish class, our daughter made reprochetas for dinner one night. These are two corn tortillas with special cheese in the middle, fried on both sides and topped with chopped tomatoes and onions. This dish is originally from Honduras, and they were really good! Since she fried them one at a time, it took our daughter a looooong time to make enough for the whole family! She got a taste of what it's like to spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen! ;-)

You all are going to get sick of me saying how much I enjoy using our schoolroom, but I DO!!! So, so, so, so much!!! Here is Little Man listening to a story on tape, this time at his special "listening station." I have had this antique school desk for years, and it finally has a home. Close to the tape player and the tub full of stories on tape. LOVE being able to be more organized!

Our daily practice of book time together in the family room. The big boys are taking a break from reading their own books to help Little Man find some items in his "The Great History Search" book.

Technically this was our week off history, as we are between units, but we used it to dig a little deeper into Elizabethan England before moving on to the time of the colonists next week. Our lower grammar boys and I spent a lot of time reading about William Shakespeare, and talking about some of his plays. We even listened to an abridged version of "Macbeth" on CD. All of the children enjoyed this book, William Shakespeare and The Globe, and after we read it son C made a lapbook, writing down what he had learned.

We also made Elizabethan masks, the kind that would have been worn to masquerade balls during the time of Queen Elizabeth. We will be using these in our unit 2 celebration coming up in a few weeks. More on how to make the masks in another post!

Tonight we are finally having our Unit 1 celebration (Middle Ages). It was delayed for a variety of reasons, but tonight's the night! Check back tomorrow for pictures!


votemom said...

can you post the recipe on your cooking blog? i think our family would enjoy these.

Pam said...

Yep, I took pictures of the process for that very reason! I'll try to get to it soon.