Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend ~ Family Day

I'm afraid that this year we didn't do anything specifically remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  No parades.  No cemetery visit.  We've just been really swamped lately, so we relished the extra day to spend together as a family.  We had a picnic lunch and play time at a local park, together with another family of all girls.  Very fun!

 Frisbee anyone?

How I love this man!

We ended the afternoon with freezer pops in our backyard.  It was super hot so the freezer pops were a big hit!

Thank you, Lord, for giving fighting prowess and courage to all those who have secured our liberties, many with their very lives.  And thank you for the gift of time together as a family that this day brought us.  And thank you most of all for your own sacrifice which has bought my eternal freedom from sin.

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Tara O said...

Great way to spend Memorial Day. I understand being so busy. It feels like I'm running in circles at times.

Your spray park reminds me of the park at home (we are military and are stationed out of our home state). The park even looked like it.