Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pets and Wildlife

We have had lots of animal activity this week.

First, and saddest, is the death of our 16 year old beloved cat, Domino.  She died last night at home, in my husband's arms, after a very rapid two day decline.  We discovered yesterday morning that she had gone blind almost overnight, and throughout the day she seemed increasingly disoriented.  I became very worried that she may not make it through the weekend, so we took her to the vet yesterday afternoon and he confirmed that she was very sick with liver failure and recommended euthanasia.  We made that appointment for this morning, and brought Domino home so that my hubby and daughter G could see her one more time.  We had a very "cat" evening, holding her and stroking her the entire time until she passed away. 

I'm very thankful that Domino did not have to suffer through the night, and that her death at home saved us the euthanasia fee.  But I'm sad that she is gone.  She was finally warming up to me in her old age!  (she had a special affinity for my husband and barely tolerated me until a couple years ago)  A few of the children have taken it very hard, and there have been many tears.  We had her little cat funeral just a short time ago.  Definitely a sad, heartbreaking weekend for us.

Meanwhile, "our" dog (long term dog sitting) has developed a couple of painful, pussy open wounds on her neck and needs to go see her vet, which is in a town very far away.  That will consume a bulk of our day Monday.  I'm thankful she is able to be seen right away, unhappy about the long drive and time away from school.

As for the wildlife.... a duck family decided to make their nest in our backyard, nearly hidden in some weeds in one of our flowerbeds, and the mama duck is sitting on several eggs.  But we think something happened to the daddy duck, because normally the daddy brings food to the mama while she is doing the hard work of incubating, and there has been no daddy duck in our yard EVER.  So we are dropping food near the head of the mama, and she is eating it!  We are hoping she will survive and be able to nurture her little babies when they hatch.   Very exciting.  Possibly heart breaking.

Lord, thank you for the joy and companionship that animals give us.  They are one of your many blessings, and that is one reason they are so hard to say good bye to.  Thank you that " have compassion on all you have made."   (Psalm 145:9) Including little animals.


Teacher/Mom said...

So sorry to hear about Domino. It's amazing how intertwined our lives can become with our pets. May the LORD of peace bless your hearts as you mourn.

Dana said...

I'm sorry to hear about Domino! It's so hard to lose a beloved pet. May God give you peace!

And, enjoy the mama duck! How fun that must be, and I'm sure she appreciates the food!