Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Soccer?

Opening day of spring soccer season.... there was a high temp of 45 and a cold wind blowing.  Here I am, before the rain started.  Ugh!  This feels more like fall soccer!

BUT... the boys played great, and had fun!  And that's what counts.  Little Man has moved up to the U9 team, which means a much bigger field and slightly different rules.  He used to be one of the oldest on his team, and now he's the youngest.  We thought he'd struggle a bit with the changes, but he was right in there, hustling and being right where he was supposed to be!

It is son L's last season to play in this league.  He and son C really enjoy playing and practicing together.  And daughter G is once again working as a referee, which is a fun job and pretty easy money.  Despite the cold, I'm thankful for soccer!

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