Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Complete!

We finished putting the bedroom back together literally minutes before going to pick up son G from his mission trip, but we got it DONE!  Here are the promised before/after pics.  I am being vulnerable here and showing you how incredibly messy it was before.  This would be due to several months of the boys "cleaning" it themselves without enough direction and help from mom.  I think I am just as happy about it being NEAT as I am about it being repainted!  And they are highly motivated now to keep it clean, so we shall see....

BEFORE ~ bed was red.  Rug was beige.  Night stand was cluttered with stuff.  Chair rail molding and primary colored border I put on myself when I was hugely prego with baby #4 (which was son C ~ got it done immediately before being put on bedrest with him as I recall!  If I ever talk about putting wallpaper or a border up again, somebody please threaten me with bodily harm!).  These boys have a knack for covering every horizontal surface with S.T.U.F.F. so the whole first day we spent just clearing surfaces and emptying the room.

AFTER ~ walls are green.  Bed is spray painted brown.  We left the hardwood floor and just put a small area rug by the bed to look like grass.  "Curtain" is a strand of plastic plant - boys love how it fits their jungle-ish decor now, but it will be super easy to change in the future!  Nightstand has storage so (hopefully) less clutter on top.

BEFORE ~ messy desk corner.

AFTER ~ cleared off desk!  I love how crisp and clean the room looks with the solid green walls.  This corner shows the two different shades of green we used.  Wall on left is a bit lighter than the wall on the right.  Two walls are light, two are dark.  This was a compromise, as the boys wanted the darker color and the parents wanted the lighter color.

BEFORE ~ cluttered book case corner.

AFTER ~ cleared out book case corner!  The boys need to do a second pass through these shelves and find more items to bless the Salvation Army with.  They were able to fill two bags completely on their own though, with no input from me - progress!  Yay!

BEFORE ~ closet that didn't work well.  The previous owners had tried to make the closet space functional, with two rods on the right side (one high, one low), one rod high on the left, and built in shelves down the middle.  Without room for dressers, one boy used the middle shelves for clothes, and we put a plastic drawer tower in there on the left for the other boy (the space was way too narrow for a dresser - trust me, I looked!).  Neither place worked well for clothes and they were constantly spilling out onto the floor.

AFTER ~ this may be my very favorite thing about this room!  Doesn't the closet look ORGANIZED??!  We took out the bottom right rod and bought matching wire drawers that fit the clothes perfectly.  We may get sliding panel doors to hide the closet eventually, but I actually like to see how organized it is, and it's easy for the boys to get things in and out!

We have a couple pictures left to hang, but otherwise the room is DONE, and the boys love it so much they are hanging out there constantly!  And I have a huge sense of accomplishment in getting this project checked off my to do list. :0)


Lona said...

Well done, everyone! Looks great!

Targetshopper: said...

It looks so good!!! I bet they all love it!!!! I love the colors so much and you did a great job with the bunks and everything! And I know what you mean about it being clean and organized too! My goal was to clean out and organize K's closet while he was gone but it didn't happen. You've inspired me to keep it at the top of my to-do list and hopefully tackle it soon!