Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is Hard....but God is good

I told the children about the Aurora CO theater shootings tonight at dinner.  Little Man's first reaction was, "I'm never going to a movie theater again!" which led to a good discussion about fear ~ should we live in fear?  Should we not live in fear?  If not, why?  Son G brought it back to our worldview studies this past year, and said that since God was sovereign and in control, we could trust Him with our lives.

Son L's first reaction was to say, "we should pray for those people."  So we did.  Actually he did.  He led us in a wonderful, heartfelt prayer for the families of those who died, and for those wounded and those who were okay but were there and probably traumatized by the event.  It was sweet and sincere and touched me deeply.

This was tragic and horrible and evil.  But in spite of it, there are already at least two good things coming out of it in the lives of our children.

Life is hard, but God is good.

Here are two other blog posts about the shooting that will impact you if you read them.  One is written from a wife/mom who was there with her two teenaged daughters, and one is written by a friend of one of the girls who was shot (and lived).  Both very well written and amazing!  I encourage you to read them!

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Dana said...

I'll pop over to read the posts, but I really enjoyed reading yours. I, too, had the discussion with my daughter that we are not to live in fear. Praise God! He IS in control and nothing happens to us that is not filtered by His loving hands!