Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cottage Weekend!

We had another wonderful weekend at the family cottage ~ we were there with several other relatives, so that was fun.  The cottage is directly across a road that runs right by a river, so we typically go down to the dock mid to late morning with a cooler of food for lunch and then spend the rest of the day on the dock!

Some older teenage boys were visiting the cottage next door to ours (owned by relatives, so we are over there a lot too), and one of them gave daughter G a jetski ride.  I politely grilled him before setting out, and had another opportunity to "let go" a bit when he took off down the river with my baby!  There were lots of teenagers next door, and it was a new experience for her to be included in a group setting like that with people she doesn't know well. 

 Uncle Brian horsing around with Little Man.  We coordinated our weekend up to be there with Uncle Brian (who owns all the cool watercraft.... yes, we know how to plan!)


Our beautiful daughter!

Son C.  This is a typical "clearness" of the river water. 

Handsome son L.

Son G knee boarding.....

and kayaking!!!
Son L kayaking.

This picture illustrates something I love about going to the cottage.  Our children are growing up knowing their second cousins well!  Little Man and his cousin K have been meeting at the cottage a couple or more times every summer for their entire lives, and they are great friends.  It is a wonderful thing to have such a fun meeting spot!  For that I am very grateful.

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