Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Week in Review

I had such a great week!  It was the perfect blend of play and productivity.  LOVE when that happens!

We enjoyed a fun afternoon swimming with these sweet little friends:

Got a lot of printing done for this upcoming year of school.  All the timeline figures for the entire year, all the maps for Unit 1 of history (9 weeks).  Made, printed, and bound my very own school weekly planner thingie.  That's its official name. ;-)  Planned when to read these lovely gems that I purchased used from another homeschool mom who has just graduated her last child!  sniff, sniff

A couple months ago I went to a warehouse book giveaway and brought all these gems home for free!   The bottom five were all brand new, still in their shrink wrap (all Jane Austen books, except for Crime and Punishment), and will be read by our high schooler.  The top two are literature books for son C to read this year (fifth grade).

Our 10th grader's chemistry book came in the mail.  It looks pretty daunting.  I will be reading/learning it along with her, so it will stretch me!

Also got the half bath cleaned.  Yay!  (votemom, you can use it now)
Load of stuff by the door taken to Salvation Army.  Double yay!!
Bag of clothes sold to a consignment store.  Triple yay!!!
Read outloud to all the children for 30 minutes every day.  Quadruple yay!!!!

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