Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Time!

Our pool is finally up!  Took us longer than usual to get it up this year, as my husband had to do some deconstruction/reconstruction on the sandbox foundation before we could actually put the pool there.  A few years ago we bought a slightly larger pool than the one the foundation was designed for, and it ended up covering a few of our in-ground sprinkler heads.  Hubby spent a couple Saturdays in June moving the sprinkler heads, so yesterday we were ready to set up the pool!  We had lots of help from lots of friends.

We got about a foot of water in it last night, and it is continuing to fill as I type this.  These two boys (the youngest two) are always the first two up in the morning, and they wasted no time in getting their math pages done so they could hop in the pool!


votemom said...

what fun! when can we come over!??!

emma said...

ahhhh that looks so refreshing!!!