Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mission Trip!

Our son G left today for his first ever mission trip.  It is a week long trip, doing heavy work projects for a small christian camp.  I am super excited for him to have this experience ~ bonding with the other boys (and a few girls!), working as a team, learning spiritual lessons from real life, and working hard for the benefit of others.

It is his first time to be away from us for a significant amount of time, and I have to say, it feels different for this mama to send a boy off than it has to send our girl off.  Not really easier or harder exactly, but definitely different.  He just texted me (at 11:00 p.m.!) and my heart is happy and content to have heard from him.

Daughter G also left this morning to spend 5 days at the family cottage, so we are down to three children for the week.  And you know what we're going to be doing??  PAINTING a bedroom that was promised last year!  I'm praying for both of the children that are away, for those that are here, and that all of us will have a productive and bonding week.

I took a bunch of "before" pics of the bedroom, and will, Lord willing, post "after" pics the end of the week!  I know I always say that, but this time I really will.  (I hope, I hope)

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