Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!!!

Yes, it's true. Son C is 9! This was C's year for a family party, to which he could invite one friend. He invited his friend Noah.

C turning 9 has been kindof a big deal to me. Not sure why. He is not the youngest, but there's just something about his face and his ways that I have always wished I could bottle up and keep forever ~ it's so sweet and innocent. This is now his last year before double digits, and that seems so old to me. So grown up. Yet I am also happy for him to be growing and becoming, just as God has planned!

His siblings gave him two different kinds of clay.

His first jackknife! (mom and dad - this was a real winner, as you can see by his face in this picture! Thank you!)

Book of treehouses. Oh the possibilities!

His own set of "real" tools.

And a kit to use them on!

We let C stay up long enough to build his kit. It was an old fashioned tool box.

Look at that concentration!


A man with his tools.....what could be better?!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, intelligent, inquisitive, and creative young man! We love you!


Teacher/Mom said...

Happy Birthday, C! 9 is such an exciting year. That one picture you took sure makes A look very tall! We pray that the LORD would bless you during this last year of single digits, and that He would grow you closer to Him. Blessings.

Targetshopper: said...

The tools and kit are very cool!!! Also, love seeing the excitement on his face and all of his awesome gifts!! Happy Birthday C!

CAB said...

So fun!!! Thanks for sharing :) Makes me teary, my oldest boy is 7...not ready for him to be 9 yet!! :) The tools are great!!!!

votemom said...

i have always loved his face.... there is just something about his eyes and smile.

he is a sweet, sweet boy!