Sunday, June 19, 2011

On this Father's Day I can't help but think of those children around the world who don't have fathers. They have never known what it's like to have a daddy who tucks them in at night, or who comes to their soccer games, or who reads books to them in funny voices. They don't know this because they are orphans.

I recently became aware of a newly adopted girl named Carrington. She was a beautiful little three year old girl from Eastern Europe whose parents were very excited to bring her home to the U.S. What they did not know until she was legally theirs was how extremely malnourished Carrington was. They had never seen her without layers of clothes. She was 3 years old and weighed 11 pounds. Yes, you read that right. ELEVEN POUNDS. That is just 8 ounces more than one of our children weighed at birth.

She was rushed to the hospital as soon as their plane landed back in the U.S, and now, three months later, I am happy to say she is doing well! She has gained over six pounds!!

I am so thankful for her forever family. So thankful they got her when they did. She would not have survived much longer in the orphanage. My heart is heavy for all the children they left behind at that orphanage when they brought Carrington home. Please visit their blog, read their story, and then ask God how YOU may be involved in helping another precious child know the love of a dad.

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Leslie said...

Wonderful words friend! I too have followed beautiful Carrington's journey home and am thankful for her - and also saddened by the plight of many orphans.

Thank you for your sweet encouraging comments about our graduation. It was truly a special time in my life. It marks an important milestone for our family.

Sending you big hugs today! (((Pam)))