Monday, December 12, 2011

Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!

Little Man is turning seven soon, and this is his year for a "friend" party. We chose a bug theme for his party, and on Saturday five little friends came over for the festivities! For several days beforehand, all the children worked to turn our main floor into "bug world". This was all thought up and executed by the children ~ I had nothing to do with it! We had several of these signs:

Various and sundry creepy crawlies:

And vines hanging from the ceiling and in every doorway.

When the guests began arriving, those who wanted to, made bug antennae to wear....

....and caterpillars out of egg cartons.

We played games such as the classic "bugs in a jar"....

...and the grasshopper leap.

We had dirt cake in individual cups rather than a big cake to cut. It was tricky making sure the lit candles wouldn't melt the sides of the plastic cup!

Our last game was the messiest. We pretended to be moles (moles are blind, hence the blindfold) digging for bugs to eat. Little Man really got into it, he stuck his whole head in the tub of sand!

Everyone got to dig for three bugs. When they felt one, they would hold it up and we would tell them if it was "edible" or not. It was edible if they didn't already have one of that type. :-)

Digging, digging, digging......

Found one!

There was time at the end to make these edible spider snacks to take home.

It was loads of fun, and Little Man felt properly celebrated. Also, I admit to having way too much fun getting to do a "little kid" party ~ they are fun in a whole different way than big kid parties are. I'm so thankful for Little Man!


votemom said...

such joy on his face at the end of the video!!

Leslie said...

What a fun party!!! Loved the picture of him digging in the dirt! Great job!

We have a party coming up soon - two actually and I need to get to planning!