Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daugher G's Art

Daughter G, who absolutely loves creating art, recently participated in a craft show where she was able to sell hand painted products. For several weeks leading up to the show, she spent her after school hours painting. Here is a glimpse of her room (I still need to post "after" pics!) with her school desk on the far left, and her art desk in the middle. Her art desk is on wheels, so she can pull it closer to the lamp when she is working at night, and push it next to the window for natural light when she is working during the day.

On this particular night she borrowed my reading glasses. She probably needs glasses of her own. :-( (it's on the agenda for January)

This is what it looks like to "mass produce" the same scene, by hand.

Many evenings she brought her work downstairs to the kitchen table so she could work while listening to daddy read aloud.

The night of the show finally arrived!

She sold many different bookmarks and postcards,

watercolor paintings,

charcoal drawings,

and painted cork hot pads.

She earned $68 throughout the evening, which is pretty good Christmas gift buying money! She was very encouraged and satisfied, and we are proud of her!


Teacher/Mom said...

What a beautiful talent God has blessed her with! Thanks for sharing with us.

votemom said...

ok i distinctly remember asking you last christmas to let me know when she was doing this again so i could come and shop!!!!! everything looks so great - wtg G!

Pam said...

votemom, I'm sorry I forgot to remind you. Completely slipped my mind. She has some leftovers if you are still interested!

Leslie said...

Great job! She has made a lot of beautiful things!

Angela said...

great job Grace! everything is so beautiful and I'm amazed by her dedication!