Friday, December 2, 2011

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes

Once again we packed some shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child this year. Ladies from my MOPS group pooled their items with ours, and we were able to pack nine boxes to the gills. I wish it were many more, but I choose to focus on the fact that these boxes may make a world of difference to the nine children who receive them!

Our daughter G took ownership of the project this year. She organized all our goodies into piles. We had a "personal hygiene" pile, and a "toys" pile, and a "school supplies" pile, and a "clothing" pile, etc. Then she further divided things into big girl/young girl stuff and big boy/young boy stuff. She pushed the big kid boxes to the back of the couch, and pulled the young kid boxes to the front so we could keep everything straight. She is so good at this, I think she should do it on a large scale for our whole church! (hint, hint daughter G, if you're reading this!)

Our nearest drop off center was no longer accepting boxes when we got there, so we had to drive much farther to a drop off center that was still open. This turned out to be a blessing, because the semi was being loaded when we arrived, and we got to see all the shoeboxes going into big cardboard boxes, and the cardboard boxes being loaded onto the semi truck for their trip to North Carolina! Hundreds and hundreds of shoeboxes..... so cool. As we watched, we prayed over the boxes and the children who would receive them.

If you have never done this, you should seriously consider packing a box (or two, or many!) next year. The boxes are usually due the week before Thanksgiving, and the deadline does tend to creep up, but if you put a big huge note on your calendar the first week of November that will help to remind you. :0)

We are able to track where our nine boxes end up, and I'm excited to find that out in a couple weeks!


votemom said...

i love it when we can see how God has gifted our kids and how they can offer those gifts back to Him thru service and ministry - it's THE BEST!

Leslie said...

Loved reading about this! We just worked in Charlotte earlier this week processing boxes. :-) It is a wonderful experience and I love seeing God's hand at work through these boxes. Great job!

Angela said...

So cool that you got to see the boxes all being loaded! I've always loved seeing a big pile at the churches we've gone to but to see a huge semi full must have been amazing!! way to go!