Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Man is Seven

He has now been 7 for over a week! Wow, the time is just flying. We had a very fun day on his birthday. We let him open one gift right after breakfast, and he chose this one.

It was a big hex habitat for all his little hex bugs. Very popular! Those little hex bugs are mesmerizing to watch. I have played with it all by myself a couple times!

Picnic lunch in the family room while watching a movie of his choice.

One set of grandparents came over for dinner that night, and for his birthday dinner he chose homemade waffles. So we had a waffle bar, with lots of different toppings.

Then it was opening the rest of his gifts! An art kit and some color wonder books.

A huge "Cars" blanket and other "cars" things from his grandparents in WA. This was a huge hit! (thanks mom and dad!). He carried the blanket around the house with him for several days before I made him start keeping it on his bed. :-)

Hand made tie dye shirt and some other things from his other grandparents.

And a new wooden sword. A boy cannot have too many swords!

Happy, happy 7th birthday to our little man!

At the end of the evening, some quiet time to enjoy books just he and I. How I love this sweet child!

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