Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Old Christmas Tradition

Our Christmas morning tradition is that when the children wake up they find their stockings hanging beside their beds, and then they come onto our bed and we open them all together. This is something my hubby's family did when he was growing up, and we have kept this tradition in our family too.

Here are each of the children with their most favorite item from their stocking. Daughter G was thrilled with a new Rick Riordan book, and an 8 gig mini card along with a note that said our extra cell phone was now officially and exclusively hers!

Son G loved his University of Michigan cap (his favorite college football team).

Sons L and C both got their first watch!

Little Man got a jumping bakugan from his sister.

My fav item was a new pair of gloves, and hubby's was a mini laser pointer (gotta love the dollar store!).

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