Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December First Tradition

December first arrived, time to use our candy ribbons!!

The children take off one hershey kiss each night as a way to countdown to Christmas. This is something me and my sisters did when we were growing up, so my kids are second generation candy ribboners!

A literal hershey kiss!

Yay for December!


Teacher/Mom said...

My family had a large felt Christmas tree that my mom had sewn and decorated by hand with beads and sequins. Then she made a Christmas ornament for each day that we would get to pin on the tree. She doesn't seem to know what happened to that tree. This year, a good friend of mine bought chocolate advent calendars for my family. It has been fun opening a new one each day.

votemom said...

we are enjoying our candy ribbons too! thanks to my very kind friend.