Sunday, December 11, 2011

My new outfit

As promised, here is my new outfit. It is a pair of black dress pants and this wine colored jacket with the drapey lapel. Not super exciting, but I needed the black pants (shouldn't every woman have black dress pants?) and I really love the little jacket.

We stayed four hours at the party. When we left there were loud whiskey shots and spontaneous dancing beginning to occur... but before that we had a great time mingling with my husband's co-workers and their wives. I met three other stay at home moms! And had a long conversation with a retired school teacher, who was initially alarmed when she learned we homeschooled but was relieved after discovering that I was a former classroom teacher myself. She told me exactly how to teach the play "Romeo and Juliet" to my ninth grader. :-)

What a great opportunity to support my husband in his work relationships, and Lord willing be a light for Jesus.


votemom said...

ross and i think that's a really good picture of both of you!

and the tv looks great hung up on the wall - very cool.

Teacher/Mom said...

Looks great! I have a few teacher friends - or really I should say they were friends until we started homeschooling and now they keep their distance. They just cannot accept that there is another way (I would argue a better way but I will never say that to them) to educate our kids. I don't think they would care whether I had a teaching certificate or not.