Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Son L

Time for an update on son L.

He is in the sixth grade this year, and having a good school year. Sixth grade marks the time in our family when it is possible to join our virtual history co-op and have weekly discussions online with other students using the same history curriculum as us. He was very excited about this, but didn't realize the extent of work involved each week leading up to discussion day. There is quite a bit of reading and answering of questions on paper. I helped him with this a lot in September and October, but now he is doing most of it on his own. He is learning to read for answers, and how to write answers in outline form ~ both of these are such good skills for high school and college. He has grown so much this year in self control and is continuing to learn good school habits. I know that last sentence sounds like something a teacher would write on a report card ~ but it blesses my heart to be experiencing it.

Since he first learned how to talk, he has always said whatever was on his mind. Sometimes this has been somewhat awkward for his parents. ;-) On Thanksgiving this year, when we were going around the table saying what we were thankful for, he turned to his 93 year old grandpa and said with all seriousness, "I'm thankful that you're not dead."

Tact is not a strength at this point, but I love that he is sincere and passionate about things. Sometimes we adults, in our effort to be politically or socially "correct", can tend to leave certain topics alone. All topics are open season to L. This has provided opportunities for our family to have such interesting and good conversations! (and hopefully learn a little tact, too)

He has recently joined the middle school youth group worship team, and is taking this responsibility very seriously. So seriously in fact, that I remind him each week to smile while he sings. :0) He loves reading, music, and anything electronic. I have found a wonderful way to combine his love of reading with his love of all things electronic, and have him read books on my Kindle now. There are many fantastic classic "boy" books that I have downloaded to my Kindle for free, and he will happily read the Kindle for literally hours at a time.

He is quirky and funny and adds so much joy to my life!

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Angela said...

so awesome to see him doing great and growing and maturing! we miss him - and all your family as well!