Saturday, November 30, 2013

5 things I'm thankful for (Tuesday)....

1.  Again, for the life and death of my aunt.  She passed away today, peacefully.  Now she is completely well in every way, face to face with her Savior.  I can hardly imagine what the entrance to heaven must be like, and though I do not wish to be gone from this earth yet, I find myself longing for that great reunion in heaven.  None of us can know what that is like until we experience it for ourselves.

2.  For the very real hope of heaven.  It is a real place, and we can really know for sure that we are going there if we have trusted in Jesus for salvation.  Amen!

3.  For the grace and wisdom God is giving as we shepherd our children through this loss.

4.  For our vehicle.  Thankful it is so faithful!

5.  For daughter G.  Watching her interact with others with grace and maturity blesses my heart.

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